The Sugar Wix

the brand brief

The Sugar Wix

The Sugar Wix is a business based on a lot more than candles. The brand believes in appreciating life’s simple pleasures and creating happy, productive spaces in which to live and work. Their candle line and other scented products such as diffusers and linen sprays don’t just smell great – they add the finishing touch to a home office, living room, or other space that’s missing that special something. We created the branding for The Sugar Wix with their target audience in mind: hardworking moms who value creating safe, happy spaces in their homes with top-notch products and ethical ingredients. 

The Sugar Wix branding 2


The Sugar Wix

We aimed to create brand marks that were intricate and thoughtful enough to convey the brand’s high quality without overpowering the already beautiful candle jars in the product line. The brand marks are intentionally all single colors in a dark shade of charcoal, allowing them to pop against the colorful and whimsical organic shape brand accents and bright color palette. We incorporated a hand-drawn eucalyptus plant in the primary mark and primary submark to highlight the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Primary Mark

The Sugar Wix

Alternate Mark



The Sugar Wix 2020 - 1

Alternate Submark

the color palette

The Sugar Wix

While high-end candle brands tend to opt for neutrals and earth tones, The Sugar Wix aims to stand out with pops of color. With the specific target audience of hardworking moms in mind, we chose a color palette that promotes productivity, creating positive spaces within the home, and happiness. This color palette suggests that these aren’t the “unwind at the end of a long day with a bath” candles, but rather the candles that will fill work-from-home office spaces, kitchen tables for a family dinner, or a living room full of laughter.

The Sugar Wix branding 3

the brand elements

The Sugar Wix

The Sugar Wix is unique in that they only release a limited number of candle scents each season, with four collections throughout the year. We wanted to emphasize this with hand-drawn icons to represent each seasonal collection. The images used on the brand’s social media and website are also very intentional, mimicking what feels like “the perfect day” to hardworking women. The sun is shining, their workspaces are clean, house plants are watered, and they’re ready to take on their to-do list with energy and enthusiasm.

The Sugar Wix branding

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