the brand brief

The Power to B brand is a fine jewelry, candle, and lifestyle collection aimed at reminding women to be their most powerful selves. The core belief of the brand is simple: to put your reminders where you can see them. Based around 5 Power Words with distinct meanings and audiences, the brand required ultra-clear messaging that embodied the company as a whole while inviting customers to find their unique places within it and order the Power Word bracelets and accent jewelry meant for them. 

The Power to B sells much more than fine jewelry and candles: they offer their community a lifestyle, and our mission was to build a brand that brought that lifestyle to life.

the brand marks

For some brands, the name says it all. This was the case for The Power to B, and we wanted to let their name shine in a simple, elegant, and eye catching wordmark that balanced modern style with a timeless flair. To make the branding versatile and functional, we also crafted a squarely dimensioned submark as well as a signature representing the sisters behind the brand’s creation. To add in one more hidden detail, the “to” in the logo mark doubles as an “xo”, the brand’s go-to sign off for every email, web page, and packaged product.

Primary Mark


Signature Brand Mark


While the brand was born in a brick and mortar jewelry store in Connecticut, with this rebrand they went 100% digital, which meant our team was tasked with creating an online presence for the brand from scratch. With custom illustrated icons, professional photography, and incredible website design and development, we brought a brand of physical goods into the online world seamlessly.

We crafted an on-brand customer journey that takes place 100% digitally, and topped it off with high quality packaging for when The Power to B products finally reached their hands.  


While The Power to B primarily sells jewelry, their focus is on creating visual reminders to empower women. We created their brand strategy around this concept, and created social media content that did just that. Their instagram feed is packed with inspirational quotes, affirmations, and reminders, and even their opt-in freebie to collect customers’ emails was on-brand. We created 5 phone lock screen wallpapers with reminders that people can see every time they power on. 

Beyond looking beautiful, the brand’s marketing efforts and customer journey are based around their core values, content strategy, and brand voice.

the result

It’s too early to tell just how far The Power to B will reach, but the response to their launch was overwhelming. Within 10 minutes of launching their site, orders were flowing in and customers were raving on social media. With a stunning new visual identity and online presence, The Power to B is just discovering how powerful their story is. 

Bringing a brick and mortar brand into the e-commerce space is never easy, but we created a transition so seamless and on-brand that sales came in just moments after launching, and continue to flow.


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