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the brand brief

The Lotus Wellness Group

The Lotus Wellness Group offers clients a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on ending patterns of negativity and finding balance in all areas of life. When I asked Diane why she chose a lotus to represent her business she told me, “it’s because the lotus is the only flower that blooms even in the mud.” Not only was this perfect inspiration for her wellness group, but it translated to every area of her brand design. The color palette transitions between earth greens and floral purples, like a blooming lotus. The primary logo integrates with alternate brand marks to create 3 stages of a blooming lotus, and the brand feels inspirational and fresh.


The Lotus Wellness Group

Because lotus flowers are so popular in branding recently, we really wanted to create a brand mark that stood out and added a fresh twist to a well-known symbol. We integrated the “hands at heart center” imagery, which is common in wellness practices such as yoga, in combination with the lotus flower for a logo that stood out and spoke to the brand’s target audience. The alternate mark also tells a complete story here, taking the customer on a journey from point A to point B.

The Lotus Wellness

Primary Mark

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Alternate Mark

The Lothus wellness group logo


The Lothus wellness group

Alternate Submark

the color palette

The Lotus Wellness Group

The inspiration for The Lotus Wellness Group’s color palette was a lotus blooming from the mud. The palette feels like it came right from the earth, fading from the muddy greens to brighter shades of pink and purple. This palette blends so naturally into the website and marketing materials because it comes from what we see in the world. It makes ideal clients feel calm, grounded, and like they are ready to take the next step in their wellness journey.

Diane Jones colors

the brand elements

The Lotus Wellness Group

The Lotus Wellness Group has built a thriving business primarily through in-person networking, so our goal was to expand their reach online to a greater audience in the age of telehealth. Through their new website and their social media presence, we kept their branding consistently calming, inspiring, and approachable to speak to those same ideal clients as their in-person marketing has for years. The new website layout and social media templates invite the online audience in, making them feel immediately welcome.

Diane Jones design
The Lotus Wellness Branding
The Lotus Wellness Branding 2

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