the brand brief

Satine is a French-inspired, American-made luxury lingerie brand on a mission to make women feel like their most confident, beautiful selves. Challenging the notion that lingerie is designed, purchased, and worn to impress someone else, Satine makes it clear to their audience: this is just for them. 

Our mission was to create a brand that was feminine and striking, but that had a timeless elegance to it. The vintage-inspired illustrations and minimal wordmark did just that.

the brand marks

Our intention was to let the main wordmark shine, and to create supporting brand elements that added style and intrigue to the brand. The vintage corset illustrations add to the French-inspired style, and work perfectly for brand patterns, creative hang tags, and visual elements on social media. 

Primary Mark

Alternate Marks


Tagline Mark


Satine is a lifestyle brand, so everywhere the brand appears needs to be seamlessly integrated and cohesive. Everything from the graphic elements to the stylized fonts to the on-brand imagery has deep intention behind it. The content, such as quotes like “Sexy is not a size, it’s a feeling” and a diverse group of models give the brand character and get the message across to their target audience clearly. 

The imagery, copy, and visual style are what bring the brand’s message to life.


While this brand is simply a passion project for now, the message and the inspiration is extremely real. There is a gap in the luxury lingerie market for inclusivity, diversity, and empowering women in a way that still comes across as sexy and beautiful. This brand speaks to that, and has a timeless, stunning look tied right in. 

The brand’s mood board is broken down to show the visual and contextual inspiration.


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