the brand brief

At ME Salon and Spa, stylists number one priority is transforming clients into their most confident, glowing, and unforgettable versions of themselves. Their modern, refined approach to beauty sets them apart in the salon industry, and is something we wanted to reflect with an elevated and sophisticated brand.

ME Salon and Spa delivers an experience that’s rare in the beauty industry, and we aimed to create a brand elegant and unique enough to showcase that essence as they opened their doors in a new town.

the brand marks

Standout, simple, and stylish. These are some of the words that Marisa, the salon’s owner, was hoping to convey with their new branding. We opted for a simple but sleek monogram logo mark, paired with a signature shape – the accented oval – to represent the brand for easy print and digital applications. 

Primary Mark


Horizontal Mark


As we applied ME’s new branding across digital and print, we generally kept things refined, modern, and softened slightly with touches of floral illustrations. This feminine look, paired with stark black color blocks and a sleek, sans serif primary font, give the salon an edgy and upbeat vibe.

The brand’s look is all about contrast: florals paired with stark black print. Sleek, sans serif fonts paired with a serif, feminine logo mark. This unique look is eye-catching and speaks to the brand’s unique selling points perfectly.


ME does more than cut and dye hair – they challenge their clientele to step outside their comfort zones, try something new, and rediscover their confidence. The content and copy for the brand is upbeat and empowering, and always puts the focus back on the client’s needs. 

We created a content strategy that balances education, inspiration, and entertainment to draw in the brand’s ideal clients and get them to hit “book” online.

the result

Faster than they could have imagined, ME Salon and Spa is booking out services, bringing on new stylists, and making a name for themselves online and in their new home in Wallingford, Connecticut. Their visual branding allowed them the confidence and professionalism to open their doors successfully.

Booking out services, growing their team, and thriving on social media so soon after launching? That’s the power of strategic branding.


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