the brand brief

Tynne Love has been in the elderberry business for decades and her syrups, ciders, and herbal teas are local staples at farmers markets in Connecticut. With a reputation for exceptional product quality and local authenticity, Tynne needed to make sure that as the Herbal Deva brand scaled, the marketing and visuals would be up to par with the business she’s built.

Our mission was to create a visual identity that jumped off of store shelves and made online sales soar, while staying true to Herbal Deva’s well-known local brand and loyal audience.

the brand marks

During our strategy session, it became clear that there was more than local CT ingredients in Herbal Deva’s products. This brand holds a spirit of magic, and we wanted to get that across with flowing letterforms that almost felt like they were dancing. Subtle accents in the brand marks and tagline marks build curiosity around the brand’s story and invite the audience in to learn more.

Primary Mark


Tagline Marks


This brand is anything but boring, and we were on a mission to combine simple elegance with intriguing design that invited questions and conversations around the brand. We intentionally mixed modern and classic styles using vintage-inspired fonts, arched die-cut labels, and handwritten elements on product labeling.

A carefully composed selection of fonts, colors, and brand elements created a perfect balance of modern and classic styles to honor the brand’s history and welcome new beginnings. 

the PRODUCT labels

Herbal Deva’s product line is always expanding, so we needed recognizable labeling elements that could be used consistently across a wide range of products. With custom die-cut labels and wraparound bold colors, we created labels that would pop on store shelves and encourage shoppers to scan over every printed line from “CT Grown Ingredients” to “Made by the Moon.”

The longer you look at Herbal Deva’s labels, the more there is to see. This packaging is primed for conversation starting at farmers markets as well as retail shelf appeal.

the result

As Herbal Deva rolls out their launch and new labels, their local CT community is embracing the change and lining up to refill their favorites. The new labels will appear on store shelves and online in the coming months, as we work on keeping the ever-expanding product line on-brand with the new and improved look!

The brand’s new look is being met with excitement and open arms from loyal customers, and is ready to sell out of retail stores and online in the coming weeks. 


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