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the brand brief

Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting

Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting is a brand that represents freedom, new beginnings, and overcoming obstacles. We wanted the branding to feel like a fresh breath of morning air, and make potential clients excited to step into their full potential. The positioning of the brand is elevated, with a refined, elegant aesthetic reflective of Dana’s years of experience and expertise. With gold and emerald accents and a minimal, sleek design style, we balanced a refreshing, inspiring feeling with a trustworthy brand that is committed to serving its clients best.

print design samples


Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting

The primary and alternate brand marks for Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting function seamlessly together for a cohesive brand experience. The bird cage and the freed bird represent the brand’s mission and values. The bird is tied into the primary brand mark as well to give a glimpse into the brand and create just enough interest and curiosity to make potential clients want to see more. The submarks are based on stamps, reflecting the traditional elegance of the brand.

Primary Mark

Alternate Mark


Alternate Submark

the color palette

Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting

The color palette for Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting is both functional and beautiful. We mixed in dark, bright, and neutral shades with an optimized website design in mind. The Phthalo Green shade stands in as the primary font color rather than black, in order to create a softer contrast that’s easier on website viewers’ eyes. Shades such as Alabaster and Platinum function as background colors in place of white, and Feldgrau, Dutch White, and Gold pop as accents and Call to Action shades.

the brand elements

Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting

The accenting brand elements for Dana Bartone Coaching & Consulting are (almost) even better than the brand’s logo marks themselves. The simple elegance of the patterns, thoughtful detailing of the icons, and inspiring website design layout are all striking and inviting at the same time. This brand speaks directly to its target audience of professional women who are motivated to reach their full potential, and makes them want to know more about how they can get there.

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