the brand brief

Blue Telusma is known for being a strong writer, cultural critic, and outspoken voice reminding those around her to protect their magic and manifest the lives they desire. With an engaged audience and a clear message in mind, Blue’s mission with her Bluecentric brand was to bring the products she and her loved ones have relied on for years to a larger audience, and spread her magic. The primary product of the brand is the line of luxury intention candles, with other products sprinkled in such as spiritual baths and clothing items showcasing Blue’s words.

Our mission was to create a brand that appealed to Blue’s target audience while doing justice to the magic, authenticity and inspiration behind the products she had created.

the brand marks

We knew we needed a strong wordmark that showcased the brand’s aesthetic, while allowing the memorable brand name to be the star of the show. We also wanted a beautiful submark that would allow the branding to be showcased on the front and back of Blue’s candle jars, because regardless of which side her audience photographs and shares to Instagram (her primary marketing method), the brand needs to shine. This logo suite balances magic, femininity, and strength in a way that is a true representation of the brand.

Primary Mark


Alternate Submark


To position Bluecentric as a luxury brand, and compliment the price point of the products, we needed the customer experience to continue once the products were actually in their hands. We created a custom brand pattern to use on box inserts, tissue paper, and packaging. We also used box inserts to tell the story of the brand, explain how to use the intention candles properly, and allow space for customers to write their own messages, inviting them into the brand personally.

Every little detail suggests luxury, from the online presence to the product packaging.

the candle labels

The most important aspect of the branding for Bluecentric was the candle labels. Blue’s brand launched with 8 candles in her collection, each with a unique story and inspiration behind it. To tell these stories, we brought on a fabulous artist to create custom illustrations and paired Blue’s own quotes with each candle in the collection.

Each candle label became its own work of art.

the result

The response to the brand’s launch was overwhelming. The time and care that went into telling Blue’s story and the inspiration behind each candle in her collection resonated deeply with her audience, and spread naturally around social media and through word of mouth. Now, the Bluecentric brand includes spiritual baths, a clothing line, and 1:1 sessions with Blue.

The brand’s story was told so clearly and beautifully, that the products flew off of virtual shelves at a luxury price point and topped Instagram’s explore pages within weeks.


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