the brand brief

Baribault Jewelers has been in business for over seventy years, and in 2021 they decided it was time for their visual branding to shine as brightly as their long-time reputation. Together we elevated their visuals, refined their marketing strategy, and executed a complete overhaul of their packaging, print, and website designs.

Creating a visual brand that can do justice to over seventy years in business is no simple task, but with strategic execution and a clear path forward, this rebrand was a huge success. 

the brand marks

Like the perfect engagement ring, a mix of modern style and timeless elegance are the key to a lasting impression. We took this approach with Baribault’s brand marks, marrying their existing “B” logo with typefaces that are more current and on-brand. The result is functional, memorable, and ties back to their existing look beautifully.

Primary Mark


Signature Brand Mark


We focused on three primary aspects as we applied Baribault’s new branding: packaging, social media presence, and their new e-commerce website. We kept things sleek and simple, and the new look allows the jewelry to shine. 


Beyond the brand’s visual applications, we focused heavily on their copywriting style and social media content. Our goal was to sell more than jewelry, and to tell the story of the family business, the loyal customers, and the love stories that celebrate special moments with Baribault.

We’re not just selling jewelry; we’re telling a love story, and beginning long-lasting relationships between Baribault Jewelers and members of their target audience. 

the result

Before even advertising the launch of the rebrand, the response to the new website and look was overwhelming. Customers immediately started using Baribault’s new website to book appointments, RSVP to events, and purchase jewelry online. We were able to maintain their SEO rankings, increase conversions, and streamline their appointment booking process, allowing the business to grow in a new direction. 

Appointments booked, event spots filled, and jewelry purchases rolling in online: the rebrand for Baribault was a sparkling success, even before our promotion plan was put into action.


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