the brand brief

Anyse Marketing

Anyse Marketing provides expert-level marketing services to high-end real estate professionals. We wanted to give the brand a refined, minimal aesthetic to appeal to the business’s specific target audience: real estate agents managing luxury listings who are struggling with managing their marketing channels. In a highly competitive industry like marketing and social media management, we really wanted to be niche-specific with the branding, and showcase the level of expertise in the real estate industry specifically. We achieved this with the primary logo mark featuring a house key, the neutral color palette, and the sophisticated feel.

branding design samples


Anyse Marketing

The primary brand mark for Anyse Marketing features a powerful “A” monogram with a luxury house key as the cross bar. This mark is minimal, memorable and speaks directly to the brand’s target audience. The layouts and compositions of the alternate and submarks balance visual interest with a certain level of sophistication. We wanted the marks to convey a brand that is modern and can stay ahead of the current marketing trends, but also has strong roots and expertise.

Primary Mark

Alternate Mark


Alternate Submark

the color palette

Anyse Marketing

The inspiration for Anyse Marketing’s color palette is a modern, luxury home. The decor is neutral with textures such as marble, exposed wood, and live greenery. The color palette isn’t meant to steal the show – it functions in the background of the realtors’ businesses, merging marketing efforts so seamlessly with their existing brands that their audience wouldn’t even know they were working with a third party expert.

the brand elements

Anyse Marketing

Because Anyse Marketing primarily promotes their services online, we placed a strong focus on their Instagram aesthetic and website functionality through custom brand icons and supporting on-brand imagery. High-end, beautiful homes like the image below catch the eye of real estate professionals who are used to looking through listings all day. Stock images mixed in with the brand’s own imagery serve as the perfect magnet for their target audience online.

branding design samples

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