the brand brief

Solid. by Kaitlyn is an artisan soapery based in Northeastern Pennsylvania that creates small-batch soaps with all-natural and ethical ingredients. We wanted their branding to reflect their unique style, strong company values, and bubbly (pun intended!) brand voice. Much like a bar of loaf soap, we wanted the Solid name to be big and bold, so we decided on a text-based logo system with multiple unique variations that added some personality to the visuals. We also kept the branding strong with consistent use of the vibrant color palette and brand pattern that showcases the brand’s values on repeat.


Solid. is all about mixing it up – they have over 40 scents of soaps and tons of products to choose from! We reflected this in the branding by adding in lots of character and variation, but tying everything back together with a consistent font and color system. The logo variations are sisters, not twins, and they function seamlessly together to create a truly unique branding experience that makes for a fun and upbeat aesthetic.

Primary Mark

Alternate Mark


Alternate Submark

the color palette

This color palette is just like the Solid. brand- big and bold! We played off of three main colors: green, purple and pink, and used brighter and darker tones of each to build a palette that is both functional and beautiful. Because the brand sells physical products, we aimed to create a color palette that would jump out on the shelf next to competitors’ products. Many bath and body brands use neutrals and earth tones, so we intentionally went in a different direction for branding that would stand out.

the brand elements

For each of Solid. by Kaitlyn’s 40+ scents, we created custom labels for their packaging. These scent labels were perfectly created to layer with rectangular labels on containers, stand alone on jar lids, and add the finishing touch to mini soap boxes. We mixed in each of the brand’s colors for every label, business card, and icon to keep that eye-catching look consistent. For their website, though, we actually kept a more minimal and simple look to really let the products stand out.


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